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We provide scientific publications and presentations regarding the May Health System used in the investigational Ovarian Rebalancing™ procedure here for your convenience. The May Health System is currently an investigational device, and as such, no safety or effectiveness claims have yet been substantiated about the device or the procedure it is used in. The below scientific information represents data from preliminary evaluations of the safety and effectiveness of the device and procedure and should not be interpreted as claims of safety or effectiveness about the device or procedure.

Fertility & Sterility 2023.08.848

These preliminary data suggest that the novel May Health TVUS-guided ovarian ablation System can be an effective method for restoring ovulation in women with PCOS desiring pregnancy who are resistant to first line oral medications such as clomiphene and letrozole. Larger multicenter studies are necessary to confirm these findings and to determine the duration of effects as well as the metabolic impact.

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Human Reproduction, Volume 38, Issue Supplement_1, June 2023, dead093.010

These preliminary data suggest that the novel May Health device offers a promising office-based second line ovulation inducing procedure for CC/Letrozole-resistant anovulatory PCOS women.

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